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Why Aren't Limousines Called Cars?

Nov 22

The word limousine is almost certainly derived from the grassy French province of Limousin, which bears no obvious relationship to luxury motors. However, the raised hoods on limousines resemble the cloaks worn by shepherds in that region. Early chauffeurs may have also worn similar cloaks.


BMW limousines are custom made to order, and are typically spacious and comfortable inside. While they are most often portrayed as black, they come in all shapes and colours. In the '90s, the BMW E38 was one of the world's most advanced shuttles, featuring a built-in TV and satellite navigation. It was a celebrity favourite, making appearances in movies ranging from Tomorrow Never Dies to Transporter.

The Grand Limousine costs around Rs 8.90 lakh, which is not much more than the standard 3 Series sedan. As it is a luxury vehicle, the Grand Limousine is an upgrade from the standard 3 Series sedan, but it's not as expensive as the top-end sedan. The price difference between the two versions is quite slight, and the long-wheelbase version starts at the same price as the base sedan.


You might have wondered why Rolls-Royce limousines aren'T called cars. The brand has a history of allowing coachbuilders to go rogue. Most of their latest models have been converted into wagons, which are much smaller on the outside than the Clouds were in the 1950s.

Queen Elizabeth II used one to lead her state tours. In 1958, she was driven by a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. The car was used to carry the Queen, who was accompanied by a state car by the Queen of England.


While many luxury automakers have eliminated their luxury sedans in recent years, Lincoln has remained true to its roots. Its flagship, the Lincoln Navigator, was a world-class luxury vehicle. However, the brand's luxury sedans are no longer selling in large numbers. The company plans to discontinue production of its Continental and MKZ sedans by 2020.

While a Lincoln limousine is certainly an expensive way to travel, it is also a luxurious way to transport your party. It is designed with the safety of its passengers in mind, and has many high-end features. In addition to a luxurious interior, Lincoln limousines feature high-tech safety systems and entertainment sections. These vehicles are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, business trips, and other occasions where luxurious transportation is needed.


A hummer limo is one of the most comfortable limousines available on the market. Despite its rugged look, it's also incredibly spacious and can carry over a dozen passengers. Its capacity is the highest of any limousine type. When you're in one of these limousines, you'll feel like a VIP.

If you're thinking about hiring one, you'll want to do some research. You can use software to get a good idea of what other companies charge, and then compare them with your needs. Many companies offer both hourly and point-to-point services. Hourly services are ideal for transfers and weddings. However, there may be a minimum number of hours before you can make a reservation.


Cadillac limousines have a long and storied tradition. Presidents have used them as their official limousine since the first one in 1909. Although many presidents have used Lincoln limousines, every president since Gerald Ford has used one. The company is probably fond of the notoriety this distinction brings. But SUVs are taking over car sales and Cadillac is attempting to stay on top with its XTS model.

Cadillac also continued to offer factory stretch limousines on the C-body platform. But in 1985, a Cadillac limousine still looks nothing like a Fleetwood Seventy-Five or Chrysler Executive. It weighs more than 4,000 pounds and has a power output of about one hundred and thirty horsepower. Those numbers are not good for a car that can hold seven passengers.


Bentley limousines are not actually cars, but they are very fancy cars. These luxury vehicles were first made by Bentley Motors, which is now owned by Volkswagen. The Queen of England was presented with two Bentley limousines in 2002 to commemorate her Golden Jubilee. The Queen requested these limousines because she wanted them to be luxurious and comfortable. She also asked for Lambswool upholstery for the seats, which made them extra warm. The Queen's limos are now used for royal events, processions, parades, and other events. They are also known to have exceptional stereo systems.

Bentley is feeling the pressure from Mercedes-Benz and its S-Class. Its newest model, the Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, has six seats. It has the same two-plus-two seating arrangement as Mercedes-Benz's S-Class Pullmans. In addition, Bentley has incorporated a bottle cooler and drink cabinet with crystal flutes.